Want To Find Your Path, Build Your Business And Become Successful In Life?


I only have few space for success coaching clients

Before making your decision on the success coach that’s brilliantly fit for you ask yourself the following questions:


Are we a good fit?


There are thousand of Success Coaches available and we all have different areas of expertise and operate with slightly contrasting approaches and styles.
Read the list below to find out if we’re a good match.


 We’ll have a one on one strategy session together and you can guarantee results if…..



  • You’re stuck in life and you want to get unstuck.


  • You feel trapped in achieving your dreams.


  • You want to find your path in life and achieve your potential.


  • You feel stuck managing your work/life balance.


  • You feel confused, stressed and you want to gain more clarity.


  • You want my honest, unfiltered opinion about your specific situation.



 On the other hand, we probably won't be a good fit if...



  • You think it’s okay to have a success coach but don’t want to do any work.


  • You think life is unfair and need someone to comfort you.


  • You don’t take to advice and won’t stay committed to the plan.



Why you should choose me as your Life Success Coach


I used to be just like you. I was living in a country with no means of earning anything. In fact, if I had quit, that would have been fair, right? Because I thought I had no other choice. But then something happened that changed my life forever.

 I stumbled across one of Jon Morrow’s posts. He told a story about how he fought for his ideas. From someone who had slowly lost his ability to move anything but his face, to someone who built a business that nets $100,000 per month. He saidif you want to succeed, you can’t wait for the world to give you attention the way a cripple waits for food stamps to arrive in the mail. You must be a warrior. You must attack with the madness of a mother whose child is surrounded by an army of predators. Because let’s face it, your ideas are your children. Their future is as tender and delicate as that of any newborn. You can’t just write them down and expect them to succeed. Writing isn’t about putting words on the page, any more than being a parent is about the act of conception. It’s about breathing life into something and then working to make sure that life becomes something beautiful.”  That quote by Mr. Jon Morrow changed me forever! 

Jon morrow was born with a degenerative disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. In fact, the doctor told his mother that her son was going to die before the age of two. He powered through it all and fought for his ideas which led him to becoming the highest paid writer alive. I couldn't help but wonder, what if it happened to me? After a lot of thought and soul-searching, I did something crazy! I left everything and went after my calling.


Apply for 30 minutes free Consultation



  • Feedback from me in response to your answers to the short questionnaire.


  • We’ll discuss the challenges you’re facing.


  • Discuss what you expect from me as your Success Coach


  • The free 30 minutes gives you the decision to decide if I’m the right coach for you.



  • Make sure the questionnaire is completed.


  • Have pen and paper ready.

Talk soon,

Cephas Tope